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Why These Dress Shirts Parts Have Much Attention on Custom Suits?

06 Oct, 2014

There are significant parts of custom dress shirts which always have an impressive hallmark and add definitive elegance to the custom tailored suits personality. For many bespoke wearers it’s these parts of the ensemble that should come out thoughtfully well as well as rhyme in color, tone and theme of the suit. Modern dress shirt styles have shifted significantly in a variety of ways; in style, finish and accessory that definitely show and endow wearers with positive sartorial statements and compliments.

The Bangkok tailors ‘irony’ and ‘creative ministration’ on fabric has some of the most enduring and engaging efforts. As they say ‘Art is the dare of the impossible’ and that makes the contemplation of shopping at central Bangkok an interesting proposition. Here are a few areas of the tailored dress shirt parts that define modern sartorial elegance.

Key Dress Shirt Parts that Define Fine Custom Craftsmanship

Any base perfect style exemplifies the best of design detail and brings full taste to the fore.



Comfortable and perfect collar fits define a shirts true style and design

The starting point for exceptional drape properties of shirt and suit combination makes perfectly fit collars like an adornment of the finest ornaments. It captures the stylish look and wearer’s disposition in total synchrony.

Shoulder Seam and Yoke


Looking at wearer’s disposition in terms of his / her posture the supporting thrill of good seam stitch and perfect yoke alignment shows tailors eye for detail. Shirts should look good in every posture and position of wear. Seam also puts stretch and expansion properties into account for even fitting.



Good plackets align collars, buttons, sleeves and cuffs in perfection  

The focus of buttons and tie is always in the open and seen. Plackets should optimize the style sensibility bringing maturity and charisma to any shirt style and orientation.


  Cuffs are the essential closure of stylish dress shirts at the wrists. They bring an understated exuberance of great definitive style.