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How Do Custom Style First Impressions Make Lasting Impressions?

13 Oct, 2014

‘First impressions make lasting impressions’ is a quite common adage. In the style and fashion realm of top Bangkok tailors, every little aspect and part of dress or manner is scrutinized to ensure rhyme and consistency to established and agreed style codes. Though quite often there is glaring faux pas (missteps) that can turn a good fashion show and attempt into a lesson in futility.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few things that are visible parts of what’s acceptable and what’s not especially when dressing for specific occasions and gatherings. Whether it’s formal, semi-formal, casual or otherwise; proper occasion dressing up keeps some style basics that not only reflect the style quotient of the wearer but also put across defining first impressions.

Dress Statements that Make a Difference and Impression Character Impressions of Dress Shirts and Ties


Good dress shirts and ties have rhyming effect to suits as well.

There are important feelings and attachments given to the look and appearance of these primary dress pieces. All ties create different alluring effect or imposing stance when they bring full exposure to wearer character and suit personality. They either evoke softness, power, pleasantry or opining statements. This defines the wearer’s motives and passion at first glance and sight. Similarly, dress shirt in evocative fabrics and colors (red, green, orange, blue or white) communicate decisive manners and the inert personality of the wearer. Just as well textured, patterned, bold and plain designs have an impressive sense to the admirer and observer. Dressing and partnering these two well communicates and impresses a lot on personality.

Accessories Add A Dash of Sober Character

Very often choosing some accessory elements seems like a foregone conclusion – i.e. to harmonize the image. In these accessories are oodles of character, stance, moods, passion, inclination and preference. It may express an outgoing spirit as opposed to a reserved or conservative personality.