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Why Quality Custom Fabrics Makes All the Style Difference

29 Sep, 2014

The heart of custom tailored suits is quality evocative pattern of the fabrics. It’s clear that some fabrics have tremendous sense of grace and charm whereas some present personality in the best intended way. They add definitive sartorial correctness to dress theme and sense of the wearer. While there are many ways to put across an impressive style and design persona by wearing the Bangkok tailor custom fabrics.

Any shopping at central Bangkok recounts the importance and worth of the tried and tested value of right quality fabrics in custom suit making.

How Do Fabric Designs Influence Style and Perception

There are fabric designs that influence perception in the sartorial scheme of things. Therefore, choosing the right fabric pattern is part of custom suit crafting and goes a long way to create positive perception and thought. It’s important keep these few ideas in my as one looks over the stacks and piles of exquisite quality fabric wear.

Some Fabric Patterns are Alluded to Certain Professions or Careers


Businessmen and Lawyer Suits Tend to Reflect Leadership and Control

Be it law, finance and banking, stock markets and bourses, insurance and healthcare, motor vehicle and information technology industry an interesting perspective emerges of pigeonholing professions to some fabric patterns. Nevertheless, some bold and muted patterns exemplify two character traits of either extrovert or introvert tendency.

Fabric Density and Drape Impact Determine Richness and Feel


Good Fiber Fabric Density Impacts Overall Custom Suit Drape

The way fabrics feel on hand touch and drape on the body is the recipe for creatively stitched custom suit’s. Custom suit drape highlights the inert positive fiber structure that forms the foundation for the yarns and threads. Good fiber structure and yarn orientation contributes largely to elaborate drape properties.