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Where Does Modern Childrens Bespoke Matter?

22 Sep, 2014

Children are the best treasure that keeps most parents and guardians happy and when it comes to providing accomplished tailoring services most Bangkok tailors are keen to ensure a wholesome package. However, the stitching and sewing for these little ones takes a little painstaking passion that in the end pays off well with decent and enviable bespoke wear. Custom suits are all about perfect fittings and ensuring the right fit for the children smart side. The best Bangkok custom tailor will reaffirm giving good sartorial traits to the little ones may set up the foundation for better and stylish future choices. Designing and dressing little frames may be a task yet interesting and full of adventure.

Incredible Designs for Modern Children’s Custom Designs and Styles Boys Single Breast White/Cream/Ivory Custom Suit


The white essence and color of the boy’s suit gives an angelic look to the two piece one button cummerbund shirt dinner suit. This creation in notch lapel with pleat (grooved) front finish to shirt and bowtie herald’s children sartorial impressions and finesse.

Boys Three Piece Grey/White Custom Suit

The color of grey is an eternal favorite to capture the normal transition from childhood to boyhood. Looking at the external impression for children’s passion for colors it’s partnered with a white essence vest for contrast and appeal. The two button slim notch lapel brings out the perfect match for little children’s smart appearance.

Boys Two Piece Grey Single Breast Custom Suit


The adage versatility knows no boundaries seems to apply to this amazingly designed peak lapel single button suit with a great touch to emphasis on proper fit and suppressed waistline. The suit is partnered with a pinned collar checked shirt of grey, black and white which adds a positive transformative effect on the suits disposition and general look.