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Trendy Summer Suits

03 Apr, 2014

There are many reasons perhaps to welcome and feel excited or ‘sunny’ about things summer- light fabric wear and clothing, bright warm sunny mornings, morning walks, juicy fruits, pool swims and dips add a lot more fun. But what weigh’s on each mind is comfortable wear and less perspiration to while away the hours even as the mercury soars. Summer suit fabrics are therefore primary for any great suit or clothing in the peak of hot weather. A couple of fine fiber fabrics combine the essential need for comfort and stylish wear.

Principal Breathable Summer Suit Fabrics



Wool is principal warm condition fabric but with a range of fabric engineering wool has blended to offer options in the heat of summer. A natural fiber that has high absorption moisture ability, wrinkle free, comfortable and versatile in a range of fabric weaves. Its look brings creative and distinguished bearing on the custom tailored suits.


Cotton from the natural process of growth enables making of good quality fabrics. Being soft to touch, cool, breathable and absorbent this fabrics renders fabrics exceptional comfort level of comfort. Although it crumples and wrinkles faster its positive attributes are far outweighed by the need to feel cool and calm and comfortable on a hot and sunny day. Principal pattern twills, weaves, spins and loops give cotton a variety of fabric use.


Linen is a product made of flax seed with a natural wax content that lends the fabrics a natural luster and shine. The fabrics principal quality of breathability, absorbent, cool and reflect heat gives it prime usage in hot seasons. Like cotton it wrinkles faster but compensates with glowing sheen, smooth and fine to touch, strong fiber weave and twice as durable as cotton.


Silk may have some comfortable and breathable properties as cotton or linen but it’s a naturally derived fiber from cocoons – natural living organisms. The primary properties and benefits of silk are breathability, absorbency, soft and draping. A soft shimmering hue and shinning look gives it permanent look of laundering.