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Thailand Songkran Festival- Thai New Year

10 Apr, 2014

Tom's Fashion: Dress in Style for Songkran, Thailand's New Year

Songkran Festival - New Year Festival starts on April 12-15 and best captures Thailand’s values and traditions. Highlighting the central and prime focus that steers its cultural identity and spiritual beliefs. Thailand New Year comes filled with and inspired by much devotion, fanfare, celebration and hope. It attracts large numbers of foreign and local visitors in the April summer season.

Buddha’s Inspirational guidance and protection for a deeply spiritual country is celebrated all over Thailand. Sprinkling of water on each other as symbol of cleansing and renewal. Washing of Buddha statues and cleaning homes as well as giving alms are symbolic devotion acts for Thailand people. Songkran involves one and all uniting the social fabric of society.

New Year Festivals are public holiday’s which ensure grand participation. Thailand is equally known for good fabrics and celebrated for good fashion products. Songkran New Year festival ensures custom tailors like Tom's Fashion stores close out of reverence and respect for Thai culture and spiritual traditions.