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Thai New Year Festival Songkran April 13-15, 2014

31 Mar, 2014

Many societies celebrate the essence of their existence and being. These are the traditions that have been passed from generations before and further highlight the exact nature of these societies i.e. culture and beliefs. Traditions are like the beacon and bedrock to base and build upon for stronger identity. Songkran festival is symbolic of Thailand traditions and spiritual beliefs. New Years evoke celebrations of transition from one life stage to another. The cleansing and renewal from past wrongs and starting afresh with new proclivity. Water is considered a symbol for cleansing and rebirth in Thai culture.

There are other aspects to this culturally diverse and rich heritage that drive a perfect reason for celebrations. Bangkok tailors penchant for making exquisitely tailored suits that celebrate the sartorial match of suiting up. This treasure has all that great wearer’s desire. Great suits offer a number of benefits and rewards yet for Thailand tailor’s reputation making the most dapper suits in the world comes as a passionate invocation.

Essential Songkran Festival Sites


Bangkok, Thailand

The capital city of Thailand kingdom celebrates the New Year with a high pitch of verve. This has made it a strong rallying point for tourism in the New Year celebrations. Sprinkling of water on old and each other as cleansing symbol, visiting Buddha temples and washing Buddha statues, giving alms are primary rituals.

Chiang Mai, Songkran


In northern Thailand, there are fervent as well as spiritual engagements for the festival of Songkran – Celebrating the essence of traditions and cultural beliefs. The reverence for Buddha gives central focus and has often given the festival a serene and calm affair of joyful jubilation.

Phuket, Songkran

Being Thailand’s largest island and like all great traditions some will evoke stronger sentiment for their passion and attachment. They enthuse and drive a certain positively infectious spirit of joyful fun and indulgence. These are all habitual to a great and passionate spirit to make joy of life - celebrate.

Pattaya Songkran

There are as many places that celebrate the new festival longer and later. For this does not take away its significance and importance in the presence of customs and beliefs. There are as many places to celebrate the new year festival. Although it’s fairly wet time (Songkran festival) and hot time to think of handmade suits, this festival time avails perfect opportunity to engage the excellence of Thailand tailor custom fit suit that’s a bench mark for sartorial finesse.