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Tips on how to get your Custom Tailored suit designed

11 Jun, 2013

Are you always jealous of the suit designs your neighbours wear and do not feel comfortable in asking them from where they bought? The comfort level and the quality of fabric further make you envious? Stop drooling, just wipe it. The stuffs bothering you are nothing but a trailer of customized tailoring. It’s high time to stop gazing and tryout a made to measure suit for yourself. For getting your customized tailored suit ready, you need to find a professional tailor that has good reputation among his clients. If you are anywhere in the Thai country and looking for best tailors Thailand, you can drop in at Tom’s Fashion in Bangkok.

Some of the bigger custom tailor houses have a variety of cloth material; you can choose from them as per your budget. Before selecting a particular fabric, always ask the salesman whether it would be more appropriate for winter or summer or it’s an all season wear. This is in the case when you have no knowledge about the quality of fabric. For getting your suit designed, you need to follow below tips:


1)    Identify an experienced and reputed tailor so that your costly fabric doesn’t fall in the hands of an inexperienced person.

2)    You can choose the type of fabric pattern from the number of patterns available with the tailor. Also, there are array of designs that you can opt from. You can even take a particular snap of the type of customized design that you saw somewhere. The tailors are masters when it comes to crafting elegant and meticulous fabrics.

3)    Some tailors offer you the chance of trying the pre-stitched fabric to check for the appropriate measurements and its fitting.

4)    It’s always advisable to wear the most perfect suit when going for measurements.

5)    Tell the tailor to either shorten or lengthen the size from a particular section of the fabric, if you feel the worn one isn’t comfortable. Inform him in advance, so that there is no need to alter the fabric when it’s completely stitched.

6)    Even if the custom made garment doesn’t fit you, you can get it amended by bringing the original bill.

7)    The comfort of tailor made fabric cannot be matched by the ready-to-wear clothes as it is specifically designed as per your body moves.

When you visit a readymade dress shop and you liked a piece but the cost is beyond your reach. You can just walkin in a good custom tailor shop, brief them about the pattern you saw and get your admired fabric stitched up within no time.

The overall sewing quality of these tailors is excellent and usually last longer than normal ready-to-wear garments. Moreover, you can take the unstitched piece of cloth to tailor and get it designed as per your taste. A good experienced craftsman would also give his expert advice on your selection of fabrics to the designs to suite your personality.