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Have a Custom Tailored Fabric that augments your Personality

03 Jun, 2013


Are you looking for ways to impress your friends at the upcoming weekend party or an important office assignment is approaching that will involve all the big guns of organization? Whatever the occasion, all you need to have is a decent dress to leave lasting impression on the viewers. Being decent not only implies that it should look good but you should also feel comfortable and confident in the outfit. For that, readymade suits won’t do, all you need is an appointment with Custom Tailor to get your outfit talking. Lately, Bangkok Tailors have been at the pinnacle in custom tailoring business with their highly skilled manpower.

Thus, when you decide to have one of your made to measure suit ready, lookout for branch of Bangkok Tailors in your city or you can even place an order online and the tailor would then visit your country to take your measurement. Ofcourse, this will bring an extra visiting fee and some conditions along with it.

If you are in Thailand, you need not to worry Tom’s Fashion, with its 33 long years of rigorous experience is there to assist you. The advantages that set Custom Tailoring apart from the regular ready-to-wear stuff are

1)    Choice of selecting the quality of fabric along with hundreds of patterns to choose from.

2)    You can even direct the custom tailor to design your outfit as per the design you saw in any movie or in advertisement but for that you need to carry a photograph as it simplifies his work. You can also check with the tailor if he has some designs of his own.

3)    They take the measurements in your natural postures so getting things wrong has pretty slim chances unlike the readymade garments which may not be perfect in every aspect of fitting.

4)    The whole idea of making custom tailored suits is that its style should set you apart. However, most folks visiting made to measure shops tend to forget this and come out with an order of simple looking suit.

5)    You can always alter the stitched fabric size, if it’s not that comfortable as it should.

6)    Generally, custom made clothes are durable and have a long life before they wither out.

7)    You can negotiate the price as it expands from being affordable to expensive depending on the fabric quality and the style you opt for.

If you want all of these benefits and many more, browse through the website or pay a visit to Tom’s Fashion at 19, Soi Preeda, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok - 10110, Thailand to get your custom tailored textile stitched up.