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Quit Readymade Shopping and Switch To Custom Tailoring!

26 Jun, 2013

Quit Readymade Clothes & Get a Perfect Fit with Custom Tailoring in Thailand

How many times do you regret purchasing a dress, shirt or suit that is not a 100% fit? You vindicated the purchase as it was the modish trend or you just got crazy for the fabric or shade. And since then it is hanging idly in your wardrobe waiting to be worn. If you are also facing such situation then accept the fact that it is merely occupying a much needed space in your wardrobe and nothing else; as you are never going to wear it ever because it just doesn’t fit well.

So why not quit shopping off-the-rack garments for yourself and start going to a tailor! Can’t find a good custom tailor in your city? Plan a trip to Thailand – one of the best tourist destinations. Thailand tailors have been popularly known from long for its custom tailoring services as well as stunning spas and resorts, so plan to combine both – traveling as well as tailoring simultaneously.

Lots of flights to Asian destinations pass across Bangkok, thus is an easy way to dig into the land of custom tailoring. In Thailand, one cannot pass through a street without witnessing a Thailand tailor shop. This abundance of tailors in Thailand not only makes finding a tailor in Thailand an easy task, but this profuseness create difficulty in choosing one that best suits you. If you are on a trip to Bangkok and want a swell stitched suit for yourself, pay a visit to Tom’s Fashion at 19, Soi Preeda, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok – 10110, Thailand to get your custom tailored outfit stitched up.

The best thing of all is that they will keep your measurements on file for lifetime. Once you get back home and everyone compliments you on your blandishing fittings you can place more and have them transported to your address. Isn’t that a lot more convenient than fighting in the parking zone and standing under coarse lights while you can get a piece of dressing that doesn’t make a perfect fit for you?