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The Suit Looks of Kingsman at Tom's Fashion

01 May, 2017

Elevate Your Look with Kingsman-Inspired Suits at Tom's Fashion

A British spy action comedy film featuring Colin Firth aptly associating him to the role that goes beyond the self-explanatory intelligence. With action and comedy walking hand in hand, there is another aspect of the movie that draws attention of the spectators, which are the simple yet classic pieces of suits that bring forth a fresh style statement for men.

Movies are a major source of developing style statement in a person. We observe and try to implement that style in our routine as well. When comes to Kingsman, Colin Forth gave some unique pieces that elaborated the definition of style, particularly in suits for men.

The Mid Grey Pin Stripe suit with white shirt and white pocket square placed perfectly in the chest pocket with a classic look of blue striped tie gave his personality a sense of uniqueness. Such a fabric is also available with Tom’s Fashion with an added bonus of our tailoring techniques.

The Light Grey Glen Plaid suit flaunted by our protagonist with again White Pocket Square and Navy blue tie with white dots totally brought out the characteristic feature of a sincere mid-fashioned secret agent! The richness of all these fabrics in varied colors such as grey, black, blue with contrasting shades of ties brought out an imperative transformation to the prevailing trend. Moreover, his apt button positions and chic pocket reflected a change in the regular style.
The patterns carried by the gentleman aptly displayed the power of perfect attire. It surely boasted of the richness that it brings along with itself. At Tom’s Fashion, you can fulfill all your requirements with our wide range of collection of fabrics that are in trend and they will absolutely sway you off your feet once you carry them off. Our professional tailors know just how to parallelize with the requirements of our customers so that it best fits them making their every penny count!