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Comfortable and Breathable Summer Fabrics at Bangkok Tailors

08 May, 2017

Experience Luxury Tailored Fabrics at Tom's Fashion

When it comes to tailors in Bangkok, change in seasons means adapting to fresh and best comfortable fabrics fitting the season. Therefore, these are some of the best summer fabrics that bring comfort and breathability to wearer wardrobes.
Wool; to most wearers wool is perceived as warm and only best for the cold seasons. Yet as it turns out depending on weaves wool is one of the best fabrics for the summer season. Fabric technology has made wool lighter, breathable, biodegradable, durable, non-allergic, elastic and versatile in the summer. This increases wools adaptability for different seasons.
Cotton; is the essential breathable fabric known for comfort mixed with style and properties like; absorbency, classic drape, easy machine and dry clean, comfortable and long lasting fiber strength. Cotton is the frontline fabric for all seasons and wear especially summer.   

Cashmere; having silky, soft and soft properties cashmere is loved by most women to adorn in the summer season. It’s lightweight feel and soothing touch is relaxing and it’s rare, luxurious and comfortable drives high demand for the fabric.

Linen; High quality linen is quiet breathable, strong, durable and elastic with high level of absorbency, easy maintenance and equally resistant to damage from sudden scratches. It is the ultimate breathable summer season fabric that gives high comfort and stylish look.

Organic Fabrics; several organic fabrics have been around for quite some time like hemp that offers excellent wear and breathable properties. Since it is made from natural fibers it easily handles all natural degrading properties like water or weather that wear down most fabrics easily. At best tailor Bangkok there are several high quality fabric choices with great properties for the summer season.

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed summer with high quality breathable fabrics from famous tailor in Bangkok.