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Elegance and Esteem of Custom Suits

01 Feb, 2014

Great custom suits have been known to exude and portray a sense of flair and that extra point in character. Thai tailors are renowned for the proper capturing of the human body form in their artistically crafted suits. The basic premise for any custom suit is the elegance and esteem it brings to the wearers attitude.


A custom suit prides in the systematic process of building up a great product with the elements and the steps necessary for an elegant fashion stitch. There are a few terms associated with this process that would be appropriate for the moments one would relish and cherish for lifetime of memories.

Basic Terms in Custom Suits Stitching Baste

This is the first garment shaping primarily designed on given measurements for the first fitting. This helps specialist tailor fit out any incoherence in the suit fit.


The shape of the final suit takes shape from this stage as there are more visible improvements on the stitched work. Bespoke suits can take as many as three fittings though modern tailors have limited it even to one or two fittings.


This material used in the inner suit construction to give it shape and character. They help make the suit gain shaping and conform to the body posture.


The hanging character or nature of the fabric suit in a finished look or design Certain fabrics have good drape qualities than others.


The fibers and yarns woven or twisted together to create a coherent mass of cloth used for stitching the suits. Fabrics vary in quality, fibers, natural or processed and other types.


These are natural or industrially produced material used for making fabrics. Famous natural fiber sources include wool, cotton, silk and linen created from flax plants. Bamboo plant fibers are also used in creating great fabrics.


These are the length of fibers or filaments gathered and their inherent length, strength or other features. Yarns are foundation to fabric making.


The expansion or extendable quality of the yarns or fabrics. Some fabrics possess high stretch properties. Elegance and esteem derive from understanding of the important terms and the knowledge of quality fabrics. Thailand tailors endeavor to create suits from the best set of quality fabrics.