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Custom Suit Fabrics

16 Apr, 2014

Many custom brands of fabrics are fairly well known if not standard bar for any handmade suit. Fabrics in quality wool, linen, cotton, corduroy, silk, cashmeres, French gabardines, flannels and tweeds in superfine and high quality range custom suits will turn out with high refinement and finesse.

Famous brands like Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana and many others bring unique complements to a variety of custom suit features. Sometimes, clients may go by high sounding names and are not aware of quality or value of the fabrics. The best mills will often turn out fabrics with exceptional standards and refined manufacturing processes. However, outstanding custom fabrics give an impressive insight into what makes these fabrics of superfine and high-grade quality.

Superfine and Worsted Wool

Wool has been preferred for a variety of reasons over many years. It has high breathing capacity, its spun from quality wool fibers, its durable, comfortable and strong, doesn’t crease easily like linen or cotton. Its best complement is perhaps breathability even in excessively hot and humid climates. Wool can be in various grades and refinement from super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s, 180’s, and 200’s indicate there is consistent process for refinement of the wool fabric to better quality and grade.


Cotton is always the staple and preferred fabrics especially for custom shirts. The natural fiber fabric has some of the best qualities like absorbency, comfort, lightweight, versatility cool soft fabric for hot seasons and durability make it an appealing option in custom suit fabrics. With different variety of quality and ply this fabric brings to life true character in amazing shirt design.


Silk is an amazingly soft texture and look fabric derived from silk worm cocoons. The fabrics natural properties give it an iridescent sheen and glow, soft to touch and draping with an amazing ease.


The second cousin to wool it reflects superior weaves and texture and mostly applied for warmer wear clothes. Flannel blends from cotton, linen and wool give stylish glow to bygone eras when it was in fashion.


Exceptional soft quality, lightweight, high moisture content and the durability factor make cashmere a warm wear fabric. Its soft and supple feeling renders the fabric similar quality like wool. Choosing from a wide range of high grade and superior weave and fine fabrics will make any handmade suit look truly exceptional and exotic.