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Bespoke Pantsuits and Overcoats

24 Mar, 2014

Nothing flatters, perhaps appropriately more definitive and complementing as a great suit – a great pantsuit or skirt suit in bespoke women’s wear. There are many pantsuit and skirt suit designs and fabrics driving demand, versatility and flexibility in wear options. Women wear options are as much a classic area for discussion and engagement. Given to being quite dynamic and changing, often women’s wear offers lots of flexibility to experiment; cuts, fabrics, accessories, highlights, fabrics and textures, color combinations and much more creative space.

Thailand tailor pantsuits, skirt suits, dresses, pants, blouses, gowns and overcoats are design ensembles for women’s bespoke fashion and personalized tailoring. Fabric textures add a lot of character and comfort. There are quite common style traditions that best compliment women stylishly.

Women’s Styles and Fashion Single Double Breast Pantsuits

The stylish look of women’s pantsuits gives immense sartorial image makeover for the woman’s look. Pantsuit sense of gentle yet authoritative, stylish finish add grand complement to feminine looks. Major points on this pantsuit that highlight its classical appeal are the; single breast pantsuit (1, 2, 3 button range), double breast pantsuit (4, 6 button range), peak or notched lapel (broad, medium or slim), single vent or no vent, 4 button sleeve, slant flap pockets and slit flat pockets, waist or hip length finish.

Skirt Suits


Skirt suits are unique in their own right but perhaps reinforce more the feminine look while highlighting tasteful fashion choices. With variety of fabrics and broad range of finishing accessories skirt suits are elegant and finely fitted for varied but precise client measurements. Elegant features of skirt suits are; single double breast coat, broad collar lapels, peak or notched lapels, 4 button sleeve, precise fitting skirt.


Feminine elegance attains deeper expression with single cut dresses from high quality fabric with trademark workmanship. Dresses tend to be convenient for warmth, ethereal hugging presence of continuity in quality fabric and styling. They enhance flow, theme and better comfort while walking. Salient features of bespoke dresses are; precise cuts and finish, form enhancing design, colour coordinated for fluent fashion styles.


Flow, draping and continuity in gowns best add stylishness to specially tailored gowns. There are many fabrics that carry gown designs better. Gowns features are; fluency and flamboyance, feminine contours, measured and precise fitting, elegant accessories like lace, trim, embroidery etc.


Desire to cover modesty goes beyond basic appearance. Overcoats are stylish outward dress for men and women adding statement to appearance. Variety for women features include; single or double breast, broad shawl, peak or notch lapels, hip or below knee and full length, broad and wide collars.

Blouses, Pants and Skirts

For tailors in Thailand, options away from complete suits that are stylish and comfortable in specially tailored women’s wear are; blouses, skirts or pants in precise fit enhance elegant dressing. Comfortable for any day wear and easily fit any occasion for style statements and true quality; modern design, easy stylish wear, comfort and enhanced flexibility.