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Decoding The Style Guide Of Jessica In Suits

12 Oct, 2017

Suits, as we all know is a legal drama with battles between top-notch companies, sometimes also hovering around relationship dramas. But for many, Suits is neither about legal drama nor relationships but purely a show from where they borrow their styles and we cannot deny that. And why not, all the characters, from men to women have a spectacular dressing style. If you decode the wardrobe of each character, Harvey, Mike, Louis, Jessica, Rachael and Donna, each one of them can be seen at their fashion best.

Sadly, Jessica Pearson or Gina Torres (her real name) has quit the show for her own reasons but her style still remains imitable. And therefore, Tom’s Fashion has assembled some of Jessica’s suits from the show to help you deck up in the most elegant manner for your office.

1.    Talking about the color first, Black is something that is up for grabs for almost every purpose- be it office or party. Choosing double-breasted black jacket over the same fabric straight skirt is the easiest and wisest choice. Another thing worth noticing here is the length- up till knee. To add an effect, Gina’s stylists have attached a silver metallic pin to the buttonhole, which is worth adding to your style as well for an improved look.




2.    Peplum frilled blouse in white and cream skirt is a subtle combination and a mesmerizing pattern. For those who think that they look excessively skinny in body fit blouses, then this is the pattern that will make you comfortable.


suits wardrobe jessica


3.    Going with the conventional skirt-jacket pattern. The noticeable thing here is her collar which is slightly different than the conventional, giving it a fresh feel and new look. The length of this sheath pattern skirt perfectly matches with the requirement of your professional outfit. Remember, for professional outfits, either the length of your skirt should slightly above or lower your knees or up to it. It must not be too short or too long.


jessica suits


4.    Yet another elegant attire from Jessica Pearson’s outfit for Suits. This time, going with the single-breasted jacket but pairing it with a white blouse that elegantly eradicated the monotony of the jacket pattern. Contrasting green neckpiece also looks at point, regardless of its color. In fact, it only highlights the neckline giving overall personality a finished look.



5.    Jumping into your fluted formal skirt is a good idea when you want to cease your choice of wearing skirt-jacket patterns. The black belt highlights the waist and completes the look without hindering the attention from her face.


jessica suits


6.    An essential requisite for your wardrobe in Silk fabric. The double-breasted peplum pattern blouse in shimmering green worn over a darker shade of blue could form a part of your dressing if you want to play with the colors. One more recommendation here if you go with this outfit, due to the deep neck, it is advisable to wear a neckpiece with it, just as Gina has!..


7.    There are a number of colors that you can select but when comes to black and white, there is nothing that can beat these shades- beautiful and evergreen. Here Gina is wearing a jacket-skirt pattern in white color where her skirt has a front slit. You can also go with back slit, which looks as good as this one or none at all.

jessica suits


Jessica Pearson style is definitely graceful and shows how to play with it in style. So, these were a few skirt-jacket business outfits that you can select from. Bring them to our tailors and get your best-customized business hour outfits designed from quality fabrics by the professionals at Tom’s Fashion.