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Tom Hiddleston Classy Suit Style Guide

29 Sep, 2017

Dress Like a Gentleman: Tom Hiddleston's Suit Style Guide

The villain of the cinematic world, coming straight from the diaries of Marvel- the fictional character of Loki is where our quest comes to a halt. Tom Hiddleston was the man behind the natural and flawless depiction of the unique character. Not only did he get into the character bringing out an astounding performance but his own real life is blossoming with his intriguing style.  Besides his acting in the movie Thor, Tom Hiddleston Fashion Guide is slaying it like a pro, leaving us awestruck every time with the presence.

To give you a glimpse of how he is baffling everyone with his charm, here are a few Tom Hiddleston Suit Styles that you will also completely fall in love with, just like us-

Epitome of perfection

Chalk striped blue suit with the matching shirt fitting perfectly on the shoulders, don’t you think this is just the office hour look that you wanted? The horizontal striped tie which is pinned to the shirt gets thumbs up from us. And the usual two buttons single breasted suit with perfect cuts apt for social and business events gets our nod too for your next customized suit.

Tom Hiddleston Suit Styles


Playing with colors

Tom Hiddleston Style is unlike any other, particularly when it comes to the colors that he confidently adopts for his wardrobe, some plain and some with unique patterns. Pairing the plum with blue might sound odd but that is exactly where you go wrong and Loki gets it right. And see how stunningly he wears the checked tie under 5 buttons waistcoat. This man surely knows to end up all right.


Tom Hiddleston Fashion


Stealing the Classics

What got our attention is the skinny dotted tie paired with the black pinstripe suit. The suit surely takes us back to the memories of the 50s. Without putting the style at much risk, Tom Hiddleston went with the classics, managing to make his presence felt and nailing the looks perfectly.


Tom Hiddleston Style


Intensity at its peak

The rustic expressions with the suit pattern of the bygone era, this surely is a piece that’s not commonly found these days. Avoiding glossy and ending up with subtle shades of wintery hues is worth a try for a fresh feel and look. This is the piece that would distinguish your style from the others and we must recommend you go for it as this is just evergreen. 



Grey gets the royal treatment

Tailored to the perfection and yet again managing to go bold by pairing the blue shirt with the grey suit, how can we not agree that this man is taking hearts away with style?  Double breasted 6 buttons patterned suit with the same colored stripes having peak lapels shaped in ideal cuts. The suit fits him in an apt manner which he paired with the right kind of tie of dark blue color.

So, playing the villain and still managing to get the heads turned- he surely has his unique style. Well, you can also be the man of your choice by getting the customized suit tailored with Tom’s Fashion, where customer satisfaction is the only way our best tailors work.