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The Essential Guide to Men's Overcoat Styles at Tom's Fashion

27 Oct, 2017

When it’s cold outside and you still want to look your best, especially when you’re wearing a suit already, protect yourself by staying stylish by wearing overcoats this season. If you have troubles understanding what all kinds of overcoats are there, then here is the essential guide that you must refer.

Check out the various kinds of overcoats that all men can try this season-


Chesterfield Overcoat

Coming from the mid-19th century, Chesterfield Coats are among the first coats of its kind. Although there have been significant changes over the years such as- no front seams or dart lines now, single-breasted fly front, shorter in length, flap or jetted pockets, and no cuffs, this pattern has seen a massive change. These coats are often knee-long and make a good choice for your business attire. Grey and charcoal are its most common colors.

Covert Overcoat

Worn for hunting while riding the horse, this coat found its way in the mid 19th century to protect the riders from mud and thorns. For this reason, Covert coats usually came in sturdy and heavy material but now, with the change in the usage, it is comparatively lighter in weight. A Coveted Cloth usually has notched lapels, single-breasted with a fly front, flap pockets with an optional ticket pocket and a large inside pocket for a newspaper.

Due to the rows of contrast stitching, it is often given lesser importance for business purposes.    

Paletot Overcoat

It is a semi-fitted coat from the 18th century, which doesn’t have any waist seam or belt. Now, it makes proper business coat, which can be worn over tuxedo or your business outfits. It is usually semi-fitted to fitted with peaked lapels, flat back and no belt, double-breasted with 6X2 arrangements of the buttons, of which the top buttons have a broader stance or no buttons at all.

Guards Overcoat

A more formal pattern as compared to the Ulster coats, guards coat get their name from the coat that English officer of the Guards used to wear. Peaked lapels, welted pockets, 6X3 buttons, belted back and no cuffs or contrast stitching are a few of the commonly known features of Guards Coat. These kinds of coats work for both formal as well as informal occasion, particularly due to the belted back.

Ulster Overcoat

Deriving its name from the Irish province of Ulster, where tweed overcoats gained vast popularity. It is an ideal travel companion especially in the colder months due to its warm, durable and tweed structure, which hides the dirt patches from it. These overcoats usually are long, unfitted, double-breasted with 6 or 8 buttons, has patch pockets, cuffs and contrast stitching and it is belted in the back with an adjustable half-belt.

Polo Overcoat

Originated in England, the polo players wore a golden-tan-wrap-coat to keep themselves warm. These overcoats have resemblances with Ulster Overcoat with common features like 6 or 8 buttons, patch pockets, peaked lapels, half-belt or full-belt. The thing that distinguished the two overcoats is the use of camel hair fabric and the golden-tan color in Polo Overcoats.    

People often end up trying these patterns only. However, nowadays you can also opt for customized overcoat patterns for men to give it the designs that you love the most. In fact, it also gets easier to get the best of all the conventional patterns in just one place.

Therefore, come at Tom’s Fashion and get customized stylish overcoats for men this Winters to slay the season in your personalized style.