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Songkran Thailand Splash 2014

10 Mar, 2014

Festivals define cultures. Festivals expound culture and are the best way to celebrate the significance of cultural boundaries. Songkran festival is dimunitive of the Thai warmth and the highest level of engagement with the outside world. It’s the new year in Thai traditions; Buddhist tradition preceding many centuries of observance and cultural enrichment. Its origins are traced back to ancient ways or traditions of the ancestors to worship and wash the Buddha statues and seek blessings at the start of a new year.

It’s also about the way people gather together to have fun in the sweltering moths of April when it’s quite hot. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the new year celebrations according to the Thai calendar. Attached with the festival is also the way the Thais pay respect to elders and the Buddha, revered as the enlightener and guide.

Aspects of the Songkran

  Songkran is an ancient festival for the reverence of the Buddha. Its celebrated at the start of the Thai new calendar year;

-Washing of the Buddha Statue as mark of reverence and respect and invoke blessings for the new year. -Giving of gifts and blessings to the monks who preside over spiritual ceremonies in the temples.

-Cleaning of homes and places of dwelling at the start of the new year considered auspicious to open new channels of blessings.

-Pouring of water in palms of elders to seek their blessings.

-Giving of alms

-Visiting temples and engaging in some of the activities that take place.

Songkran festival also brings to mind the character and nature of dress one would naturally chose for the occasion. Being an occasion for wetting and soaking mild summer attire can be considered appropriate. Thailand is famous for great and revered Thailand tailor bespoke suits, in this season it would be appropriate in the confines of the tailor’s fitting chamber or hotel room.