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Custom Suits and Custom Accessories

07 Mar, 2014

 Handmade custom suits are exquisitely tailored pieces of admirable clothing. For the passionate wearer though they are ultimate steps to unique exclusive looks. There are occasions to flaunt, show off that new addition to one’s sartorial elegance and positive step in self portrayal. They render an exact look, image and sheer appeal of custom crafted design. Many Thailand tailors however, make subtle difference to custom accessories that will epitomize classic designs and crafts.

These accessories do highlight and reinforce the elegant finesse of true handmade suits. Aspects like handmade buttonhole finishing, hand sewn sleeves and collars, classic and stylish lapel emphasis, matched linings and buttons, embroidered initials inside coats, trouser reinforcement or padding and gripper waistbands add pleasure to wear.

Custom Accessories

They enable suits acquire distinct personality even for the tag unique for their individualistic taste and finesse. Different accessories portray varied image and purpose.


The most significant ensemble of the accessories is perhaps the tie. Even from the point of being a slim piece of cloth a lot rides on it; character, profession, image projection, status. Ties in many shades, tones and fabrics will give a lot of insight on the wearer’s true preferences, attitude and profession.

Bow Ties

They most likely go with tuxedo or relaxed formal dinner suit. Bow ties significantly enhance the appeal and the relaxed ambience of the diner engagement  or party.

Cuff Links

Binding shirt cuffs together and giving resemblance of orderly formality cufflinks do add power of presence and wearer’s stature. They lift formal appeal of well designed custom suit.

Tie Pins

The object of tie pins is to hold ties in place and prevent frequent moving up and own. Tie pins can be rallying points for the perfect suit ensemble.

Lapel Pins

They bring attention to the wearer attitude and disposition from time to time. They can be variety of shapes, designs and sizes but lift the appeal factor a notch higher.

Pocket Squares

They accentuate the ties color or bring harmony in color coordination. Pocket squares too are major statements that redeem or propel the suits look. The binding harmony of custom suits can be the craft and the finesse of well co-ordinate custom accessories.