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Made to Measure

17 Jan, 2014

The term made to measure is often used wrongly as to what exactly it entails. And finds less observance even to the best practiced of custom tailors. Thailand tailors however do ensure that each aspect of an ordered piece of clothing meets the true specification of the wearer’s dimensions. There’s no anomaly in the right measurements to gift the wearer the true meaning of made to measure garment.

True Made Measure Garment Aspects


Custom suits must reflect the true size and dimensions of the wearer’s statistics. For any suit to meet this criterion it must embody some of these characteristics.

Precise Measurements

As the term stands to testify it should be made to the correct measurements of the wearer. Custom tailors engage a lot of time to meet the criterion of this particular aspect to ensure no mistakes in the finished suit or garment.

Body Posture and Form

Body forms and sizes vary from individual to individual. Therefore a true made to measure custom suit or garment must reflect this aspect vividly in the finished work to give a vibrant look and enhance perfect custom fashion.

Product Differentiation

Products made to measure have to exemplify the hallmark impressions of the designer in the most unambiguous styles of fashion. Bangkok tailors with an avid sense of crafting art in fabrics create vibrant texture sense in enduringly fashionable ways.

Detail Attention

Details are what make the custom suits stand out in the crowd. A few details like the button hole hand stitching or monograms on buttons or inside inlay make custom suits feel and look different.

Unique Patterns and Designs

Designs can be to attributable to particular tailors but one unifying aspect of made to measure suits or garments is their sense of design. Clear, outstanding and unique to portray individuality, taste, fit or character and profession.

Hand crafted or Tailored

There are elements of the custom garments can only be brought alive through a meticulous process of delicate hand stitching and impressive finishing work. It takes a passion, skill and tireless commitment to quality.

Impressive and Attractive

Usual or off the rack suits can be passed off as common. However, Bangkok tailor made to measure suits have a compulsory tendency to attract attention and look impressive. Made to measure garments or custom suits are built uniquely and crafted for a particular wearer in mind and therefore they portray his/her sense of fashion taste.