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Custom Tailors and Custom Themes

20 Jan, 2014

Ballrooms, banquets, receptions, anniversaries, thanksgivings, family reunions and business meetings are some themes that render the creative spell of Thailand tailors that extra exuberance to capture the mood of the moment in the most stunningly created garments and suits. With an extensive collection in exquisite fabrics; designing pant suits, gowns, custom dresses or custom tailored suits becomes a matter of passion and perfect dedication.

Custom Themes and Appropriate Custom Suits


Business Meetings

The best deals are struck in feeling of total control and importance of gathering be it MOU’s, M&A or AGM’s. Business suits in the most striking range of worsteds, tweeds and flannels fabrics and designs will portray a positive and best look for the wearer.


The annual prayer breakfast and the end of year festive mood deserve the right fabric to show the extent of one’s feeling of blessed. Bangkok tailors reinvent that sartorial excellence for the right occasion.


A life of fortune and good favor deserves a toast in fine apparel and self appreciation. With the most relaxing in woolen suits for added measure of the significance of the occasion.

Family Reunions

After gaps of time without meeting and sharing a meal or even a chat, this presents the perfect opportunity to showcase a finely tuned suit in the harmony of family. Custom suits are a gentleman’s best bet and a nicely stitched gown or dress to enhance the ensemble.


Gatherings to have fun as you engage in some fun of dancing. Bangkok tailors stock that perfect suit in fabrics like the merino wools, English or Italian fabrics and the super 100’s for an exceptional level in comfort as well as the heightened reverential stares it’s bound to induce. Besides the dance steps they are meant to bring out the most natural perfect look.


Weddings are celebrations of life transition and the merriment that they bring should be exceptional and put together in the most dapper and flamboyant look. Tuxedos in a variety of looks and colors like black, navy blue, charcoal and accessorized with bow ties, cummerbund or regular ties are plus for men’s wear.


When one transcends the pinnacle of academic excellence the moments are there for posterity and for the wellbeing of the future admirers. Graduation suit capture the coming of age as it highlights readiness for responsibility. Themes can be diverse but the overriding feeling is to put the right foot forward. Thailand tailors ensure the utmost in creative fashion for custom themes.