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Suits, Blazers and Tuxedos

13 Jan, 2014

Making Right Statements Right dressing up for an occasion can be challenging without the best idea and knowledge of the clear difference in the various words or terms associated with custom clothing. Thailand tailor suits with professional outlook and plan for a total and complete wardrobe solution present the typical needs for the dressing of that particular occasion.

A few things still remain in the realm of guess work or improvisation. With that mind it can be embarrassing without the knowledge of different uses of suits, blazers and the fabulous tuxedo


A suit is the true exemplification of formal wear. Custom suits more so identify with the wearers statistics in right fit, posture, personal style and design. Suits essentially are a worn to offices, formal gatherings like graduations and lectures, and other formal functions of engagement in the course of doing ones work or business. Business suits are formal wear for the office and meeting important dignitaries for signing of MOUs and business agreements. They can be two piece or three piece in single breast, double breast or triple breast.

They are stitched from the same cloth length to enhance continuity and coherence in custom fashion. They are also very often worn with complementary tie to give a unique look. Custom suits enhance wearer’s stature to personal level and make him or her stand out as they are designed for that particular body physique.


They are essentially casual or semi casual coats worn with any color of pant and shirt. Unlike suits, blazers give relaxed look especially when complimented with jeans and formal wear clothes like khakis and sneakers or sports shoes. They are versatile in that give wearer great sense of fashion even minus the tie or mandatory formal shirts for the suits.

They can contrast the color of the pants. It is important to know that the biggest difference is the area of usage. Whereas suits are formal, blazers are informal or semi casual wear for a stylish fashionable display. They do not require ties or matching shoes as in case of suits.


Tuxedos are more relaxed styles of suits that are worn for specific functions like ballroom banquets, weddings, charity dinners and state banquets. Worn in dark colors especially black or blue, they present a stylish look for matching the occasion’s purpose. They are also known as dinner suits distinguishable for their lapel finishing and flamboyance. They have distinctive satin and silk finishing on the lapels to give a highlight for added emphasis and attraction. Tuxedos are semi-formal wears for an evening of fun in the company of workmates or family. Whereas peak lapels do look good on a tuxedo, it’s the notched lapels for a suit. Tuxedos are always worn with a bow tie and ties mostly for suits. The best tailor in Bangkok will render each look it’s unique appeal and thus help you making the right statement.