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Hand-Made, Stitched or Tailored Suits

04 Mar, 2014

There’s always clamor about the authenticity of exquisitely elegant looking custom wear suits. These often proceed from the view that it’s only hand-made suits that can truly capture the ethereal appeal and beauty of bespoke suits. A variety of materials, styles and just as many tailors sing their own anthem at genuine quality and being the best there can ever be of supposed custom built suits. For Thailand tailors, discerning and informed wearer’s it goes way beyond the aesthetics. That’s why it is very important and should be priority to know your custom tailor well. What’s the basic difference between custom handmade, Stitched and Tailored suits?

Important Points on Custom Suits

Advancement in fabric and cloth making technology has transformed the entire appearance of custom suits. However, there are essential elements for each suit that cannot be wished away.

Hand-Made Suits


A delicate process of putting together fabric with each piece finely cut and shaped to meet the specifications of the measurements of wearers dimension builds a correct and right fitting suit from top to bottom. There are subtle elements like buttonhole finishing, lapel emphasis and monogram details that will present the true handmade suits classic definitive aura.

Stitched Suits

Thread, needle and machine stitched suits bear resemblance to handmade suits except for often times irregular shaping or oversize fitting to allow future adjustment in some areas like cuffs and hems. Needle paths though small cannot be unmistakable at close quarters. Basic can be areas of difference; precise fitting, lighter inner lining and emphasis on certain fits.

Tailored Suits

Whereas tailored suits can be got also from local tailor shop all suits can be considered tailored except the level of professional finesse and excellence brought to bear. A custom made suits level of excellence and precise fitting will mark the major difference. Tailored suits can have excessive and numerous shortcomings as compared to custom handmade suits. Essential quality of any perfect Bangkok tailor suit will highlight the way it shows the wearers attitude, stature and his body measurements-The harmony of handmade and passionate skill.