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Grand Custom Appeal

24 Feb, 2014

Bespoke suits cannot be designed with two people in mind as they show and translate the fit and measurements of a single person.  For the best tailors of Thailand it’s translating and interpreting these numbers into objects with grand custom appeal. It’s like a story narration on pieces of fabric and shaping the denouement into an admirable quality tale expressed in fine clothing. Essentially, they have the hallmark impression of the master tailors touch, crafting a suit ensemble with delicate nimble fingers of experience.

Great Custom Suits - Symphony Fits and Patterns


Bespoke suits are well conceptualized from the drafting and drawing table to the finished end product. like a great story the plot, build up, climax and summary must reflect a great story tellers passion and commitment. A few critical areas are;

Measurements and Cut

Any custom made suit aspires to be the epitome of a breakaway tradition, creative fashion and styling, a benchmark and a radical redefinition of design and practical exact measurements and cuts. With proper and exact fits there is useful and appreciable look on the wearer’s appearance.

Body Posture

When one walks the body stretches according to contours and strides taken. The exact body posture study helps bring forth custom suit fits that are a symphony fit of the wearer posture from whichever angle perceivable. Body posture can tell when and where to put emphasis in suit construction.

Sketched Patterns and Custom Cutting

The desire for perfection and passion for the craft of fitting suits helps Bangkok tailors sketch as many patterns to ensure the custom cut renders the desired result. Sketches mark the contours and stitch patterns of the suit for the best possible fit and design. A set of things makes the finesse and the passion of a Bangkok tailor suit stand out in finely designed wear.