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Fundamentals of Wearing a Necktie by Best Tailor Bangkok

23 Apr, 2018

Every person wears a tie at least once in his lifetime. Some use it as a daily essential while some take it out of their closets for important occasions. From business accessory for men to a party’s necessity, there are so many scenarios when we put it on. Although it is a small part of our wardrobe, but it is equally essential as our coats, pants, shirts and shoes. Besides, not only does the knot require proper attention while tying but also close attention needs to be given to the details and patterns of a necktie.

These are some essential factors that must be considered before ending up on the right necktie for your attire. Here are the fundamentals of wearing a necktie that you must always consider:

Proportion of the Necktie

The first and foremost is the proportion of one’s necktie with respect to the body. A large man with wider front should choose longer and wider ties while a petite man should choose shorter and skinnier (in width) necktie.

Color of the Necktie

The color of a necktie is determined based on: the message he is trying to signal or the color combination that goes with his color. Based on this, one can choose any of the following:

1.  Get the sophisticated look with a darker tone of patterned or semi-solid necktie with a lighter shade of the shirt. Apart from the most commonly worn blue colored necktie, you can also use bold red necktie with light colored shirt.

2. Neckties should also be in sync with a man’s features, for example- if you have light skin and light hair, then pastel or monochromatic colors will serve the purpose. If you have light skin and dark hair, then you should choose clearly defined lines patterns. And, if you have medium to dark toned skin and dark hair, then you can opt contrasting shades of neckties and shirt/suits.

Patterned Necktie

The key to wearing a patterned necktie is to ensure that there is no conflict between the colors in the necktie and that of the shirt and also between the patterns of the both. For example: a thin striped shirts works well with polka dot necktie, however, a thin striped shirt won’t go with think striped necktie. Similar patterns creates distorted look, which is the main reason why it is necessary to pair the right patterns together.

Necktie Knot

A shirt with a narrow point or spread collar requires a tie knot that fits into the space between the collars. Always double check the length of the tie when you’re buying it based on what kind of tie knot you will be tying. It may sound intuitive but the truth is that the problem arises when a large man tries bigger knot and eventually end up 2 inches short from the waist, which gets weird as mentioned above.

Necktie and Pocket Square


A pocket square should be the last thing to wear and should match with the overall outfit, however, not too closely with the neckwear, so as to maintain a distinction between both of them.

So, these were some tips to wearing your necktie. Always keep them in mind and make sure you get your suits and shirts stitched from Tom’s Fashion, known as the Best Tailor Bangkok, to get the outfits that are worth every buck you spend from your pocket.