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5 Steps to Upgrade your Business Clothing with Tailor in Bangkok

30 Mar, 2018

From the times when clothing used to be simple and the only fashion rules that were followed used to be the ones passed on from father to his son to the present-day scenario when we are all looking forward to putting our right shoes on according to the scenario’s demand, paying attention to every peculiar detail in the process.

Be it a business meeting or some other formal event, these days one is not only expected to show sincerity in their behavior but also require maintaining the decorum with their appropriate dressing sense. Moreover, this is also a reflection of one’s sincerity and confidence.

So, make sure you follow these five things to come up with the best look at a meeting:

Ensuring the Right Fit


One of the most important things in an outfit is its fit. The clothes should not billow or sag and this applies in case of all the outfits, regardless of any particular scenario. The right fit includes the length of the clothes- for example the shirt’s sleeve length (should be up to your wrist bone), shoulder length (seem should fall on the shoulders), trousers length (should fall only far enough to break on your shoes) etc.

The other important factor in ensuring the right fit is the tightness of the clothing. It is a common misconception that loose clothing makes a large person look better. The clothes should fit close enough for you to move freely. This fulfills business-clothing requirement in a much better and smarter way.

Experimenting with Color Scheme


There are many color options available for you to try with your business formal shirts, apart from only sticking to whites and blues. You can experiment and adopt pastel colors such as yellow, lavender, tan, or pink. These light shades easily match with various trousers, ties and jackets. In case of selecting the colors of your trousers, you can go with charcoal grey, patterned pants or even checks.

Playing With the Sleeves


In case, you are not wearing a jacket, you can look out for various stylish ways of rolling up your sleeves. The kind of roll sleeve you choose is indicative of the mood, such as ready for physical labor, relaxed attitude, or cooling off on a hot day etc. From the basic roll to the high roller and the band roll, there are plenty of options to play around with it.

Layering It Up Right

Layering is again one of the crucial aspects of dressing up. There are many ways to layer your clothes, such as with jackets, sweaters and vests. However, this learned skill requires an ability to combine colors, textures and patterns. The key to this lies in playing smart by building a collection that is interchangeable giving you number of combinations with limited clothes. To add a layer, you can use of them that is in combination with the overall attire. In case of a replacement for jacket on a hot day, one can easily choose to go for a vest.

Paying Attention to Details

Your overall getup depends not only on clothes but also on the minute essentials including shoes, belt, pocket square and tie, maintenance of clothes as well as personal grooming. It is important to keep an eye on the overall detailing of these along with the cleanliness. In case of the color of your shoes, you can go anywhere from brown to black and even two-toned shoes.

With this, let the best customized tailor in Bangkok, Tom’s Fashion, help you get your hands on the best-fitted clothes made out of impeccable fabrics and with proper finishing and cutting as per your business hours requirements.