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Hold Tight, the Best Tailor in Bangkok is Coming to your City in May 2018!

07 May, 2018

It takes sweat and dedication to get your dreams fulfilled. Usually, the road to such dreams is long and the path confusing, but it is, for sure, never impossible. This time, one such long-awaited dream of yours is going to be fulfilled as the Best Tailor in Bangkok is visiting your city this May from 26th to 31st where you can get all your questions associated with customized tailoring answered and also, get your dream couture designed by your favorite Bangkok Tailors.

From London in the UK to Paris in France, and Zurich and Basel in Switzerland, we will be covering beaucoup cities so that you can see us whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable.   

Grab this opportunity of meeting our Bangkok Tailors who will design your dream couture, strictly based on the requirements specified by you. Be it men or women, we design clothes for everyone. So, don’t miss and show up to interact and also understand our process of tailoring from the experienced Bangkok Tailors.

Book your appointment as per your suitability of the date and place to skip missing the chance of seeing us!

The schedule of our visit will be:

Visit to London on May 26th, 2018





 United Kingdom

Visit to Paris on May 27th, 2018






Visit to Switzerland on May 28th To 31st






















So, mark your calendar and lock your position by booking an appointment with the Best Tailor in Bangkok website because remember:

“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor”

We look forward to seeing you soon! Hurry up & book now!