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Cradle of Fabrics

28 Jan, 2014

Unlocking the Secrets of Quality Fabrics for Custom Tailoring

Cradles are mostly places of support at the start of something. Fashion maybe nerve wrecking if proper attention isn’t given to fabric choice and quality-the cradle to great style. They are the heart and soul of great style and dressing just as good ingredients are to the secret of making exquisite cuisine and taste. Bangkok tailors heed this point immaculately to craft brands of custom tailored suits that reinforce enigma in custom dressing. Fabrics are central, focal and crucial to determine the point of fashion substance and icon designs. Fabrics have had iconic and imaginative impression on the history of design and more so custom dressing.

There are qualities that underlie a great fabric from common or regular of the mill.

Quality Fabrics

Quality unites to make great stitch work of custom suits. Fabrics in various Wool, Cotton, Corduroys, Linen and Flannel fibers or yarn are either woven or non woven texture, knitted, spun, and netted. There are a few qualities that primarily tell of the quality of the fabric.

Fiber Content

Fibers underline the quality of the fabrics in many ways such as the yarns and enhance it in areas such appearance, comfort, durability, costs and the necessary care needed to maintain it.

Texture and Feel

Feel of the fabric carefully paying attention to nonconformity issues like coarseness, brittle and weak, stressed threading point to poor or cheap alternatives to original desired fabrics.

Fabric Weight

Some fabrics are heavier and thicker whereas others are lighter and smooth. Fabrics weight per ounce of weave or yard. There is distinct difference in fabrics for uppers and lowers in case of pants and shirts. Fabric weight points to concentration of fibers per yard of weave measure and thus durable. Lightweight fabrics can also be durable and lighter with heavier concentration of fiber per yard.

Construction and Finish

Good look for fabrics are must to render attractive style. External look reveals the nature of fiber or yarn construction as well as quality inherent. Quality fabrics give importance of paying attention to the finer parts of Thailand tailor custom suits and render a memorable tale in custom dressing.