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Custom Suit and Rites of Initiation

05 Feb, 2014

Life is series of transformations. There’s always a time for marked change and progress in ones visual appearance and the inner invisible personality. This is especially applies to the way we dress, talk, conduct ourselves in public, present ourselves in public plus the image and stature we perceive and faithfully believe to have including a lot more aspects.

Thailand custom suits are unique to the land. The way we dress, apparel ourselves is in fact to a keen psychologist what the sum of our interests and thoughts are from time to time. Transformation and change become therefore part the famed Thai tailor custom suit ensemble which captures and reflects; the physical and invisible reality about a person’s choice of cloth. Custom suits make a lasting impression through better crafting, artistic creative expression and visual textual communication with few words spoken.  

Custom Dress Effects and Embodiment

Build Self Esteem

A well stitched Bangkok custom suit piece shows and is evident. People tend to keep a certain grace and predetermined way of actions. They reaffirm person’s inner self and define destiny. High self esteem is high value on ones persona, medium is balanced is not too high or too low, while low self esteem considers oneself as low.

Confidence and Pride


The goings on in the persons mind greatly contribute to the sum total of all his being and beliefs. Therefore confidence can come when there’s practical self analysis and happy with the outcome. The Bangkok custom suits garnish the ego with a sartorial difference.

Environment and Behavior

Environment shapes behavior and impacts the overall self image. But theorists and lay people one can hardly live a double life of deception.

Endorse the Affirmative

A suit may not show at the complete picture and yet the grace it exudes calms and brings character which contributes to the affirming of wearer’s choice of fabric and designs. There are mainstream qualities of a suit, but if it makes a man or woman feel good, these qualities and effects may not shout out loud but nevertheless are complementally to wearer’s attitude.