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Custom Tailor Thailand Recommended Accessories For Your Custom Professional Wardrobe!

06 May, 2013


In our previous blog post, “Custom Tailor Thailand – Help Build a Custom Professional Wardrobe for You”, we discussed about creating a custom professional wardrobe for you. In this post we are discussing about the best accessories to give the finishing touch to your custom wardrobe.

Carefully planned accessories can exaggerate your wardrobe to a great extent and that too in a very economical way. The suit accessories also offer you plethora of looks to choose from. Somebody has said it very well that ‘men like to get suggestions about what to wear and when to wear it’.

All one need is attention to detail, a perfectly tailored fit and you can move with confidence whatsoever be the occasion/place is. At Tom'sfashion, we feel glad when our clients feel confident upon wearing our custom tailored suits, shirts, tuxedos, sport jackets, trousers and topcoats with the perfect fit and quality. Following are the few tips on accessories:


There are a plethora of patterns in shoes that can be paired with your suit. In building your custom professional wardrobe, shoes similar to the color of your suit are treated as an investment. And if upheld well, your shoes and custom suits Bangkok will last for a longer period of time.


One really needs to try hard to find a leather belt that matches your shoes. Thus, it is recommended to find a matching belt by the same designer to make things easier for you.


Do not make selection of socks a complicated process. Just go and buy solid color socks that are a shade lighter than your shoes as you need to buy a lot of these for the sake of your shoes.

Cufflinks & Watches

There are endless of options available when it comes to cufflinks. When selecting cufflinks or any other accessory like watch or belt, always remember that you are a professional and it should get reflected on your look as well. Your cufflinks should match your watch and belts’ buckle. For example - Start with silver or gold watch straps with silver/gold cufflinks.

The Sport Jacket

We recommend you pick the navy sport jacket which is a must have thing in a professional’s cupboard. This jacket gets easily paired with gray colored suit and dark colored shirt and trouser as well. Believe us, this look is simply eternal.


One should keep rotating ties to keep your look fresh and maximize your custom wardrobe. Ties are worn in front and center thus gets noticed by everyone. We suggest blending in slim cut ties along with standard sizes.

Pocket Squares

At Tom's Fashion, we suggest our customers to have a built-in pocket square that is of fabric similar to the liner of the jacket. Once you try pocket squares designed at Tom's Fashion, we guarantee that you will never leave home without a pocket square! With the above or some suggestions of the sort you can start smart with Bangkok tailors.