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Tom's Fashion Announces Its Exclusive Schedule For - The 2013 Europe Tour!

09 May, 2013


Tom's Fashion’s - The 2013 Europe Tour Schedule announced today, features 4 cities across the Europe where you will get the bespoke tailoring services of the highest quality by the Best Bangkok Tailors. With all major cities chosen across Europe, as team Tom's Fashion we are highly excited to serve the custom tailoring needs of those who are not able to visit us in Bangkok.

We also provide expert advice on choice of materials, colors and styles that fit you. Starting from Munich, Germany in two weeks’ time, the 5 days Tom's Fashion’s Europe tour from May 23-27 will see the schedule travel of 2 days in Zurich Switzerland, towards ending. In Europe, you can take appointments to meet us at hotel we have booked or if you have more than 6 people interested in our clothing, we can visit you personally at your home or office.

A special price is offered to you for arranging a group of people. Thus, Next Week Is Really Going To Be Huge in Europe... Check out our Travel Schedule to arrange a meeting at your nearest site and catch us there for Custom Tailored Clothing.


Tip: We suggest you wear your favorite suit at the time of being measured.

Countries On Our Visit List Each year, Tom's Fashion looks forward to meet current and prospective customers and friends in:

If you are not on our list of cities visited, gather a group of people interested and we can arrange to visit you. You can simply send us an email or fill up our appointment form available at and we will inform you of our travel schedules.