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Custom Tailor Thailand Help Build A Custom Professional Wardrobe For You!

25 Apr, 2013


When you are on your way up the organizational hierarchy, your outfit should appear and fit immaculately. For which you need to own a professional wardrobe. Although, building a customized wardrobe is an exciting process yet figuring out where to start can be a daunting task for a first timer. If you are also planning to build one to boost up your career, just don’t worry -, the best custom tailor Thailand, is here to help you. There are few components that play an important role in building any custom professional wardrobe, mainly:

The Suit

Your suits are the key player that bears your entire professional wardrobe in unison and must be your focal point to start with. Tom's Fashion suggests starting with two basic color suits – navy blue and solid gray. These two shades are quite flexible and go well with almost every shirt and tie combinations to give you a fresh look during the entire week. It is recommended to begin with a reasonably priced suit first. With a custom made suit, you can get the perfect fit with unique looks and details as per your specification. Do get a review from the tailor about your customized choices to make sure they put across your persona without nailing down the suits efficacy.

The Pants

Pants are just as important as suits. There are a lot of options available for customizing your pants such as single, double or no pleats, cuffs or no cuffs, and so on. We at toms fashion suggest wearing plain front pants with no pleats, particularly for thin cut pants.  Cuffs are not in trend currently and too much break can turn out in to a mess and no break is bold. The pant should be as per individuals’ comfort and tastes.

Shirts & Ties

At start of your wardrobe designing, keep rotating solid colored shirts.  It is not at all required to get fancy shirts, be simple and elegant.  We recommend steering all solid colored shirts as these shirts get easily paired with all tie -patterns - be it a textured, polka dot, solid or striped tie.  Ties are really a great way to distinguish your shirts with others. In the coming posts, we will be discussing accessories and styles that match best with your newly built customized wardrobe.