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Custom Suit Tailoring

29 Apr, 2014

Craft Your Perfect Look: The Power of Custom Suit Tailoring

There are several reasons and nuances why custom suits should have all the perfect good things going for them and that they should possess the power to influence and make statements with the least effort at forcing the issue. Custom tailors are like a special breed of the tailor lot as they create fashionable amalgams of personality on soft canvasses like fabrics. Evincing a better deal and adaptation of the most appropriate and non fussy custom suit ensembles.

A custom suit goes by may go by a wide variety of synonyms interpreting the wearer’s personality into some form of coherent wear. There are however these few that can never be done without the imagination to yield the best sartorial statement ever .

Custom Sartorial Character

There are immovable or notable aspects to the dress sense that we all see as standard to create such icons of the fashion sense in our minds.

Breast and Chest  

The basic parameters and sizes will play a significant role in shaping our distinctive pursuit of standard custom suits. The breast and chest areas are perhaps seminal in this aspect.

Shoulder Crest

The draping formality of the suit builds on the shape and slant of the shoulders and its crest (end part) to create ‘body art’ exciting suits in the most appealing dress sense.

Sleeve Length

The length and stretch of the suit will mark out one major, but important aspect – professionalism. Creating suits that specifically fit takes passion and commitment of the tailor.

Waist Size

The body hugging and fitting suits always express the level of comfort the wearer enjoys whenever he / she appears in them. Waists are primary to comfortable and stylish persona.

Fabric Quality

Even with the tailors still and steady hands creating a masterpiece there is need for the perfect choice in fabric quality. The fabric often goes by a certain level of finesse that expresses itself better with the tailor’s rendering creativity.

Designs and Fashions

The fully designed and finished suits express perfection and ultimate style choice of the wearer. A work of art is a continuous process of refinement and perfection just like custom tailoring.