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Custom Suit Summer Notes

05 May, 2014

Inadvertently, the advent of summer implies to some the discard of anything woolen and invoking some creative combo of lightweight fabric blazer (if at all necessary, otherwise the plain casual look is just fine), t-shirt and jeans or chinos casual look for the essential urban male.

Bangkok custom suit wear is essentially made for the right fit to emphasize the wearer’s sartorial strengths while subduing any flaws. But they are also the work of continuity in dressing up the classical look of the modern day man conscious of all the modern trends regardless of seasons. Essentially, the elegance in being different sticks to the best way one feels about wearing clothes that enhance his / her personality. Such casual clothes can be combinations of various designs and cuts. Custom casual wear sounds farfetched, but it’s a realistic premise to start with.

Guide to Cool Custom Suit Summer Notes


Right Fabric

The suitable for the season goes a long way in making the sartorialist feel good and comfortable in the bask of heat and cold alike. Fabric engineering makes it possible to adorn a woolen suit even in the heat of summer. But the staple fabric choices are cotton, linen and silk. Each fabric with its own properties, gives a sense of clean, impressive, admirable and elegantly chic image.

Style and Design

Right fitting suits enhance a great deal of persona, but more so make for clothing that is trouble free. It delights the wearer with a great deal of ease in movement, sitting or posture. The design also embraces personal taste and preference.

Correct Measurements

When the measurements rhyme with your personality it sets the course for an interesting rendezvous of great taste and right fitting. This makes the master tailors work easier, but more profound on your look.

A Good Tailor

The master tailor’s skill full fingers crafting a new passionate and fashionable look is an ode to stylishness. When you have the quality it just adds up from one stage to the next.

Great Color Combination

Some colors are best left in the gloomy, cold of winter or bright blooms of spring. Summer is effervescent and alive. There are colors that best complement its level of liveliness and comfort.

Right Accessory

The accessory to the summer suit is normally subdued or scaled down for the right effect. Accessories normally give plus factors where necessary.