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10 Untruths and Facts about Custom Tailored Suits

16 May, 2014

Tom's Fashion Custom Suits: Beyond the Myths, Embrace Perfect Fit

Bangkok bespoke tailor elegance is not an elusive synonym. Depending on preference there is always potential to look great in nicely stitched and well made custom suits. ‘Abracadabra’ may sound like an alien thought yet given the master tailors meticulous musings on creative finery of fabrics; this riddle can just as well be unraveled. Here are some common types of untruths and real facts.

Untruth - It’s always mighty expensive, waste of money and for the super rich.

Fact – they are always plain affordable (at least if image and persona are your concerns. Nothing can replace the desire and passion for affordable elegance. Many varieties of fabrics cost differently giving a wide spectrum of choice and affordability.

Untruth - It takes a long time just stitching a nice suit and lots of inconvenience.

Fact – proper measurements and fitting sessions hardly take a few minutes but for complete perfection a little couple of days are well worth the wait and accolades.

Untruth - custom suits fit leaner and thinner body structure better and well.

Absolute Fact – a suit is individually tailored with intense and complete fitting which ensures a better fit and image projection.

Untruth - fashion is ever changing and hard to keep up with the suit shelf life.

Fact – a suit reflects an individual’s personal account of himself in innovative wear. What matters is the suits better accessorizing and proper maintenance.

Untruth – Custom suits tend be tight compared to slack fits. They either look awkward and ridiculous for the mature gentleman or woman with good image.

Fact – again suit sizes are determined by measurements in fittings and customers personal preference. A suit reflects harmony of master tailors skill and the choice of fabric and design of the client.

Untruth – incase of flaws in the handiwork no possibility of correction or changes.

Fact – there is great deal of self respect, tradition and integrity (at least for the legitimate shops) that flaws, mistakes, dissatisfaction, changes in the stitch work is part and parcel of professional client – tailor relationship.

Untruth – doubtful fabric quality range and client is cheated without knowledge.

Fact – the world’s best mills and fabric makers are aligned with some of the best tailors in the industry. Clients are assured quality and original fabrics.

Untruth – inflated labor costs or charges make the suit unnecessarily expensive.

Fact – homogeneous to any industry is labor charges according to industry standards.

Untruth – a suits potential for easy wear and tear within a couple rounds of use.

Fact – most suits from reputed tailors are given a splendid lifetime given the quality and value of fabrics used and handiwork (depending on usage).

Untruth – suits are specially built and limited for formal occasions and functions.

Fact – whereas a suits primary goal is for proper fit and right look it’s new and versatile ways and dimensions of wear have expanded its applicability. As earlier stated that, ‘proof of the pudding is the eating’, tailored suits aren’t just about stitching of fabrics; they define character, persona and image.