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Tom's Fashion - Custom Suit Features

12 Dec, 2013

Custom suit features help clients stitch suits that enhance their style as they come in variety of design and style. Bangkok tailor suits give freedom of choice and options to fit body.

Custom Suit Types Single Breast Suits

Have one row of buttons in front and coat flaps overlap to button.

Double Breast Suits

Have two rows of buttons in front and flaps overlap to make both sides attachable on opposite row of buttons.

Custom Suit Features Lapels

Include Notched and Peaked. Custom suit lapels are of medium width.

Buttons Single breast coats

Have one row of buttons of one to four but two and three are popular. Three button coats give illusion of height and middle buttons fasten on standing. Two button suits show more of shirt and tie to give slim look.

Double breast coats

Have four or six buttons on both sides. Six button coats lower four are buttoned but given suit design two are buttoned at any time.

Cuff Buttons

Cuff buttons encourage use of handkerchiefs and allow hand wash without coat removal. Cuffs have three to four buttons and custom suit cuff buttons are usable.

Pockets Flap Pockets

Less formal and include flaps sewn in pocket top to cover pocket opening. They are made so wearer tucks flaps inside the jetted pocket.

Patch Pockets

Are made by putting patches to outside of coats. Popular casual option on summer suits that else look formal and on sports coats.

Jetted Pockets

Sewn in coat lining and narrow horizontal opening appears on the coat side and give sleek, polished appearance mostly on formal-wear.

Hacking Pockets

Diagonal flap pockets known as hacking pockets derived from English riding gear prominent on English custom suits.

Ticket Pockets

Include small ticket pocket above one of side pockets on same side as wearer's dominant hand.

Breast Pockets

Always open and one item placed i.e. handkerchief or pocket square. Items put in breast pocket create lumps and change sleek look of suit.


Flap slits at bottom of coat give movement and access to trouser pockets.

Center Vent

American suit coats mostly have single slit at back for coat bottom expansion to sit.

Side Vent

Italian suit coat vents on either side behind the trouser pockets give easy access. Facilitate easy sitting and moving to avoid coat back creasing.

Inverted Vent

Stitched on side of coats with inverted design they give classic style appeal and design. They are new innovation in styling. Combination of these features enhances suit appeal. With these essentials Bangkok tailor custom suits epitomize diligence.