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Tom's Fashion Fast Appealing Suit Features

18 Dec, 2013

We stitch wide range of clothing

Tom’s Fashion is one of the most sought after name in the tailoring industry of Bangkok. We are specialized in manufacturing custom tailored suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, pants, topcoats and shirts that suits any occasion be it career, business or social.

Meticulous approach wins us customers

Attention to every detail of suiting and shirting has been our strength and every piece made is an artwork for us. Whether it is jackets made with canvas interiors or be it double breasted suit length, we use the finest fabrics in every garment with every detail being taken care of meticulously.

Our stitched clothes are popular for their perfection

Our custom made suit lengths & other stitched garments are perfectly hand-cut to your exact measurements and styling making them one of the most popular and sought after stitched garments in Bangkok.

Our suits make fashion style statement

Our custom suits are an interesting combo of fusion and creativity. Whether these suits are of business or casual type, their innovative combinations and unique designs always win the hearts of the young generation who follow them like a cult. These suits comprise of fusion of Indo-west, European-American and European-Italian cultures.

Create a long lasting impression on your peers

Our custom suits are a huge mix of custom design and drape with each of them ensuring about the presence of a unique and distinctive way of dressing to impress your peers. Strong and attractive features of dress styles from diversified cultures are taken into consideration before incorporating them in the suit design in order to create a fashionable and innovative custom design & drape.

Custom fashion suits narrates an interesting story

Tom's Fashion custom suits are the physical manifestation of the ideas and thoughts in the form of a captivating & imaginative story. They carry forward the ancient legacy of Bangkok tailors who use to capture the personality of an individual with the fine fabric & texture while using the background to form an immortal persona with an interesting narration.