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Tom's Fashion - Custom Fusion Collections

09 Dec, 2013


Custom suits are ever evolving and constitute an ever dynamic reinvention of fashion and style. Be they wedding collections, business suits or personal collections they demand some creativity and fusion skills to make an impact on the fashion conscious generation of today. Bangkok tailor custom suits evoke elements of fusion and approach with fashionable and stylish build in creative collections. These suits have impressive looks and command cult following in the fashion industry today.

Characteristic Custom Fusion Collections Indo-West Fusion

Custom suits combining elements of the Nehru collar or mandarin collar with the essence of the western suit style fit. The suits keep the collars to minimal size giving credence to stature and height. They have regular single vent or stitched straight from top to bottom of coat back. They are stitched in one line to emphasize finesse and appeal with buttons lined from top to bottom.

European American Fusion

European custom suits capture body contours with the elements of pronounced lapels, lower gorge, structured padding and midsize fitting. American suits have the visage or body hanging character but trimmed lately to look thinner and straight typical as Ivy League suits. A fusion cuts down on lapel prominence and double vents, to give a straight look yet retain the three or four button cuff option and give higher gorge for straighter look. The vents are inverted and give stylish look.

Euro Italian Fusion

Italian custom suits in soft fabrics, tight fit and light padding combined with the European business suit fusion brings in dramatic elements.  Italian suits cut close to body with higher lapels and double vents give taller impression and fused with European suits pleating, padding and finishing that’s trendy and stylish. The gorge is finished high at impressive angles for emphasis and dignified design. Fusion incorporates the fundamental elements of different suit styles to create new expressions in custom suit crafting. Bangkok tailor custom suit fusions recreate styles with remarkable essence and give an aura of difference.