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Avant-garde, Classic and Elegant

13 Feb, 2014

Avant-Garde Custom Suits: Unleash Your Unique Style with Toms Fashion

To Germans we allude great designs in engineering technology, Italians are known for the classic chic in fashion and the French wines mesmerize the taste buds with the poise of temptation and irresistibility.


Combine the avant-garde, classic and the elegant tastes to create stunningly conceptualized and crafted clothes that inspire awe. There are classic ways to bring forth the elemental aspects to bear and tell a special tale of grand custom fashion. In a narrative these special aspects sum up the passion and the agility of tailors in Bangkok.

Aspects and Effects of Avant-garde Custom Suit Fashion Timeless

Trends may last a season and loose appeal as an attractive option in display of creative fashion. Crafted with best fabrics, master tailor passionate zeal and utmost creative inclination it renders any custom suit that timeless and distinctive look that’s truly enduring-avant-garde, the epitome of timeless look and appeal.

Impressive and Ingenuous


The craft is path breaking and unique to the norm of custom suit styles. The concept, approach and the application creates a new blend of features and gives birth to ingenuity ‘far from the madding crowd’. Crafting a suit style unique to its own purpose and quality.


There is an ethereal calm appeal and attraction on the demeanor of a well dressed person that everything else takes a backseat in his presence. Strength in projection of image and character reinforces the character.


Sophistication, impeccability and the ease of manner underline the quality and substance of the craft. Debonair tends to affect visually with the creative and imposing craftsmanship unmistakable. It’s a custom suit quality born of passion. The creative expression of avant-garde, classic and elegant custom suits seems to have no limit. For Thailand tailors engage the ultimate passion in helping express your true custom style.