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Tom's Fashion - For Perfect Custom Fit

02 Dec, 2013

Considerations for Custom suits

All Custom suits to give good appearance must fit perfectly. Therefore visiting the master tailor prior to stitching a suit is necessary. Tailors in Bangkok make a suit appear personable and feel comfortable. A few considerations are critical.


Size and weight vary from one individual to another. A perfect fit is vital to look good and measurements give correct figures as well as enable tailors do better work.


High quality suit need quality material. Tailors charge more to work on costly fabric as special care is needed.


Suit size is either large medium or small and with limited material for adjustments. Custom suits are expensive and correct fit is vital.


Drape depends upon good fit. Measurements with same size may find small yet significant variations across different brands.

Tailor Impeccability

Coats require layers of fabric to give design shape and weight. Engage best tailor with impeccable suit crafting skills.

Suit Cost

Bespoke suits are mark of luxury, perfectly fit and costly. Research various styles so that all design details are clear and cost.

Change Affect Price

Hem or cuff pants are common. Reducing line sleeve need skill and are hard. Adjusting coat seam for another look and fit takes time and costs money. Ensure cost before any work is done.

Cuff, Plain Hem Pants

Cuffs fold fabric outward below the legs. Hem pants fold under. Double-pleated pants have cuffs. Single-pleated pants create cuffs or not. Best tailor of Bangkok know proper width for cuffs and depend on the height. A perfect suit will need some time with the Bangkok tailor to create the best suit design while giving a perfect.