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5 Stylish Bangkok Tailor Custom Suit Fabrics for this Winter Season

21 Nov, 2016

Stay Warm & Stylish: Bangkok's Best Winter Suit Fabrics

As the weather changes to the winter, Thailand tailors style and fashion sees adjustment to match the severe chill. Suit fabrics acceptable in cold and chilly weather are more welcome. Common winter fabrics should be favorable to extreme weather conditions and include; wool, flannel, gabardine and corduroy as they are mainstay protection for sudden changes in natures conditions. And so for the best suit style discerning wearers often make choices based on seasonal shifts, style preferences and fabric design.

High quality wool is always preferred for a variety of attributes and benefits it confers on the wearers look and wardrobe. It’s the largest fabric in most ready-to-wear winter collections for its many versatile properties. It’s natural dye and color absorbance, enhanced drape, easy fusion with other fibers and longevity add to its appeal. These custom suit fabrics have a natural fitting for formal winter collection wear for the states reasons and properties.

Wool Fabrics; has many pluses from all formats whether manufactured, blended or woven and spun. Natural wool has fiber versatility, better drape, high breathability, dynamic fusion and easily absorbs dye for great fabric appearance. This enhances the splendid look of custom woolen suit fabric in winter.

Flannel; made now from wool, cotton, synthetic fiber and carded wool or worsted yarn among other sources it provides good amount of warmth (retains heat), it is breathable, is elastic and provides great drape.  

Corduroy Fabrics; this furrow and ridge winter wear fabric is made from cotton and woolen blends. Twisted fibers make rigid and stylish impression of neat ruggedness and toughness that withstands many types of weather. Corduroy suit fabric appeal comes from the parallel furrows, chords or lines made by inner twisted fibers.

Gabardine Fabrics; filled with impressive and remarkable longevity, gabardine fabrics have more warps than wefts which enhances specific design. Gabardine custom suit fabrics have strong fibers and make long lasting custom suit wear.

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