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Building a Bangkok Tailor Custom Made Wardrobe - What really Matters?

14 Nov, 2016

These days both in the professional and social circles, there is a lot of significance that is attached to way one dresses or chooses to portray himself / herself in wardrobe terms. And with increased professional dress codes it assumes significance and importance to choose the right / appropriate wardrobe for the right effect and impact. For tailors in Bangkok, the right wardrobe affects most spheres of life and social circles that identifies with on a regular basis either positively or negatively. That is why, knowing what really matters while choosing the wardrobe is essential and vital.

These are some wardrobe style pointers from Thailand tailors that can help point out the important basics and vitals to impeccable dress sense and perfect wardrobe.



For Men

Custom Suits; the right fabric suit commands a great deal attention yet more so its classical sense of stitch and finishing employing all professional acumen and skill to make a deep style impression is a wardrobe essential.   

Dress Shirts and Pants; this often poses questions like appropriate best tailor in Bangkok dress pant styling to the dress shirt matching design. Good fit, correct and comfortable fabric choice as well as proper styling may add more spark and jazz into often drab / dull wardrobe appearances and collections.   

Shoes and Belts; perhaps one of the most conflicting parts is choosing appropriate matching colors and dyes. Yet for men basic wardrobe principle is that shoes should have resonant tone with the dress belts. 

Accessories; from tailor in Bangkok custom ties, cuffs links, lapel pins, tie clips etc a modern mans wardrobe is inspiration personified. These collectibles add character and definition to taste and premium preferences.  

Pick your best wardrobe with a deep and keen eye for style detail from the best tailor Bangkok to reap the evident compliments that affect your social and professional circles at Tom's Fashion. Leave pleasant reminders of an impeccable dress and style sense with Tom's Fashion.