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6 Design Elements in Bangkok Tailors Women Custom Made Blouses

28 Nov, 2016

Bangkok tailor custom made blouses for women like dress shirts for men entail some painstaking design to get the right and flawless look of women wearers. Indeed today, since many more women are in professional circles and pursuing higher career goals there is a surge in demand to make the right tone in blouse look, appear flawless and to accord precise fittings of the wearers. For tailors in Bangkok the craft of transforming women wearers for various adaptations of dressing (professional or leisure) has been going on for several decades.

These are some key elements to make custom made blouses have the right look and design for the tailor in Bangkok.

Neck and Collar; the shirt gets a lot of shape and appearance effect from the way or how nicely the collar and neck orientation is achieved or done. 

Chest and Bust; for all women these dimensions vary and must measured to the best levels of correction and size. This allows for ease of movement, flexibility and comfort.    

Shoulders, Yoke and Back; a combination of these three elements has a formidable influence on the eventual appeal and appearance of the custom made suits of the Bangkok tailors.   

Sleeves, Wrist and Cuffs; precise sizes for women’s wrists, cuffs and sleeves have a magnificent effect on their professional appearance in well articulated custom blouse stitching. 

Waist and Hips; since this also varies with women’s size or disposition the importance the best tailor in Bangkok accords explains the need for preciseness and exactness in this particular part of women’s size and fitting.

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