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What Our Clients Have To Say about the Tailors in Bangkok

13 Mar, 2018

Be it any business, the most crucial aspect for all of us is to get a satisfactory feedback from the clients and when this response exceeds beyond your imagination and clients show immense appreciation and affection towards you, the heart truly melts and wishes to serve them even more than ever before.

This is what the Leading Tailor in Bangkok, Tom’s Fashion experienced recently. Our clients have been generous enough to shower their love for us on TripAdvisor. Let us rephrase it: Our customers have been generous enough to shower immense love for us on TripAdvisor, which has left us being grateful to all those including the best customers and equally phenomenal team of our professional tailors who stayed by our side throughout the journey.

Our efforts have always been to acknowledge the requirements of our customers who step in the doors of Tom’s Fashion and to only assist them in best possible way with our knowledge, skills and craftsmanship. With such kind words from the client’s end, it almost feels like achieving the dreams of meeting the expectation of our clients with efficiency.

Here are a few of the compliments that our clients bestowed upon us:

Review 1:

Dsuzuki72 from Shanghai, China who has been our loyal client for 8 years now compliments us our fantastic service and impeccable quality work, calling it ‘un-matched’, ‘efficient’ and ‘high quality’.

Review 2:

JAM_in19 from Singapore shares that it was his third visit at our store when he decided to get 7 Shirts and 3 Pants and all of them turned out to be in accordance with his expectations. In fact, he promises to return back soon at our store.

Review 3:

It is indeed a moment of pride when even the recently moved, all-new-to-the-city client chooses to get his clothes stitched from us. Cyril F shares that when he got his entire wardrobe renewed from our tailors at Tom’s Fashion. He was really impressed with the output of suits, pants and shirts that he got stitched at our store.

Review 4:

And when you are declared not just the best tailor of Bangkok but of the world, you are left utterly speechless. Austin G appreciates us for charging one-half to one-third of what they pay in the US. Also, he calls us ‘truly bespoke’ for measuring them till we get the perfect measurements that can draw the best output for them. He, in fact, calls us ‘top notch’ and recommends everyone to try our hand-sewn clothes.

Review 5:

When you become the ‘Bangkok Go To Tailor’ for somebody, you know that you’ve been on the right track towards satisfying your customers. He has been with us since 2014 and appreciates us for our ‘professionalism’.

 Honestly, there are so many more such motivating feedback on Tom’s Fashion TripAdvisor account that we are honestly bursting with happiness. We truly thank you for taking out time to leave us such positive feedback. This has not only motivated us to keep progressing on the same track but has also boosted our confidence to a large extent. Thank You!

We look forward to serving you today, tomorrow and forever.