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What Makes Dress Shirt Cuffs Important and Affect Appearance?

25 Aug, 2014

The Art and Impact of Dress Shirt Cuffs on Appearance

For most travelling custom tailors in Washington DC, dress shirts miniscule design detail’s are as imperative and important as their overall look. Yes, a lot is written and said about passionate aspects like cuffs, collars and buttons yet perhaps looking at the subtle and visible areas like the dress shirt cuffs is important. Why? One may ask are the small and indeed at times invisible parts of dress shirts given so much high attention. Beginning or starting from shirt construction and design to their overall fitting the cuffs are always given due importance for a number of plausible style reasons.

Amazing and Special Style Attributes of Dress Shirt Cuffs


Add Style Credit to Dress Shirts – essentially they draw the shirts arm to touch with skin at the wrists. But they are also the quintessential style meter for dress shirts. A custom suit doesn’t seem complete with these stylish credits.

Cufflinks are Eternal Style Favorites – there is always something unique about the attraction and the elegance of the shirt rhyming cufflinks. Besides adding attraction and grace they are very stylish and grand.

Custom Suits Derive Higher Classical Elegance and Taste – absolutely true that a suit stands on its own merit of fine fabrics, great fit and fine stitch. Yet the classical and elegant formal appeal of the double cuffs is great testimony of passionate dress shirt cuff craft.

Epitome of Originality and Formality – depending on the disposition of the wearer well designed cuffs define the style disposition of dress shirts. Whether it’s a formal function that calls for sharp dressing, a boardroom meeting that needs good quality stitch features or a courtroom duel with the law, there is no limit to expressing the grand scale of expressive dressing. In short, small features like cuffs are the center of attraction adding to the definitive aura your image needs.