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Single Vs Double Breasted Suits

18 Aug, 2014

Single vs. Double-Breasted Suits: Unveiling the Perfect Choice

For most men buying proper fitting custom tailored suits overrides any other consideration at any cost. However, there are also desirable qualities like the design and style of the suit that also hold equal value and relevance often. The suit’s stance or appearance is another factor that given high importance and makes significant impact on choices and preferences. Whether single breast or double breast the appearance suits confer on the wearers is given high regard. Today, with so much knowledge and information about suits through the multiple channels like the internet, television or news magazines and newspapers the clients are aware of the latest fashionable trends and most men seek the best flattering styles that enhance their personality.

Overall, therefore the issue of single or double breast is also important. Depending on what image one seeks to portray to the world. While shopping at BTS Nana and looking at some suit styles, appearance and the best place they are applied there are some favorable points to note on the most suitable of the suit styles.

Prominent Areas of Difference and Comparison

Peak Lapels v/s Notch Lapels – the peak lapel has often been attached with attention seeking or commanding posture just as well as the military suit does whereas the notch lapel has captured the relaxed elegance quite well.

Single Row v/s Double Row Buttons – the single breast suits single row of buttons in (1, 2 or 3) design is a timeless classic and original blaze of avant-garde unlike the military suit inspired double of buttons that equally brings a special appeal and charm of its own. There is however where most of these attributes are bridged with close cut fitting suits across the board of style.

Pleats v/s Flat Front Pants – for most traditional and conservative suits like the double breast pants have and always carry pleats that lend that heavy set look as for the single breast suits especially the modern look styles and designs fitted to individual sizes and measurements the fluency in body ‘sculpted’ is the new rage.