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Types of Mens Trousers

21 Jul, 2014

The word trouser denotes a two legged piece of clothing extending from the waist to the ankles. It covers a vast portion of the midriff in well proportioned fitting and designs. Trousers have been used for many centuries by both sexes for both casual, formal and other tasks like gardening and tending the flocks. Over the centuries this mercurial piece of clothing has undergone tremendous innovation and styling to come to what it embodies and looks today. There are many types of trousers all depending on the individual tastes and preferences of the wearer. From flat fronts, pleats, bell bottoms, chinos, Khakis or cargos and jeans. But prominently among the formal wear today there are majorly two or three trouser designs that are applied to the fashion scene today.

Varying Trouser Designs Flat Front Trousers  


Choosing a flat front is modern choice that most lean men and mid size frame go for to highlight their fashion taste and attributes. Given its well fitting from waist to the ankles it tends to flatter slightly leaner and taller people better. A fitting can still be done for all sizes as its relaxed and easy wear look attracts most men to it. With a custom built coat it would surely show a better way to wear a suit in bespoke. Flat fronts are just the current rage ranging in all colors and designs as the wearer deems it appropriate though modesty calls to stick to the basics.  

Pleat Trousers


They have been around for some time and have this roomier feel and look due to the folds of cloth just below the waistline. They should prove effective and great for heavier size adding a touch of grace and style with neat pleats from waist to cuffs. They are a baggier look compared to flat fronts yet each wearer feels better inclined to choose what suits and makes them comfortable.

Chinos, Khakis, Corduroys and Jeans

Though they are not exactly in the realm of formal wear but they add a versatile touch to excessive use of formal wear. They are still a go to for a change and adapting to different environments by bringing their own sartorial strengths to the stylish wardrobe.