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Do You Still Find it Hard Getting Fitting Suits?

28 Jul, 2014

Traditional or Conservative, American or British, Contemporary and Modern suits all exemplify different character traits. However, there are basic parameters along which a suit is designed and brought to existence. Collars, lapels, pockets, vents, seam and stitch work are all elemental yet significant parts that create the whole flair we see in suits. This way of designing and making suits defines suits fitting attributes and final look. Although modern there is influence from fashion catwalks, magazines, television and internet, suits still have flaws even outright ill fit. It’s not possible one size can fit all.

They are either large or oversize armholes, sagging or extended collars, baggy suits or ill fitting look and many other points of concern. The question is; Do you still find it hard getting proper fitting suits? That makes shopping at BTS Nana for the best Bangkok custom tailors suits relevant and handy.  

 Why the Need For a Custom Tailored Suits? Image Projection and Enhancement - Always the need for one to project the right image and profession is resonant even in their way of dressing. A tailored suit reflects and gives a positive sentiment and impression about you to the world.

Unquestionable Quality and Finish – apart from a few adjustments (if at all any) there is bound to be the right quality suit that specifically defines and gives a sartorial fillip to your dress and look – a custom made look.

Ways to Finding Perfect Fitting Custom Suits Make Sure Fittings are Precise – Like quality fabrics original and exact fittings are the first or most important factor around which these suits will revolve and eventually give you a perfect fitting suit.

Ensure Fittings at Least Twice - Even in after the initial measurements there is a follow up to ensure any loopholes are taken care of immediately.

Get an Expert Tailor – experience and knowledge of tailoring a good suit can only be with good tailors.A fitting suit is always visible and it shows on the wearer’s disposition and mood.