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Types of Custom Made Mens Suits

26 Aug, 2013


It’s a fact; a wardrobe of man cannot be complete without custom made suit. Custom made men’s suits are trendy all over the world and have achieved a lot of status and reputation among the crowd. These tailored suits are worn as a fashion statement .They specifies a character, reputation, and professionalism. There are many special occasions when you can wear a bespoke suit to look stylish. These are available in different colors, patterns and shapes any time at the Tom's Fashion bespoke tailoring company in Bangkok, Thailand.

Single Breasted - It is also known as the British style suit. A single-breasted suit has only one set of buttons and button holes, which do not overlap. It can be two buttons or three buttons. It usually gives a relaxed look as compared to the double breasted tailor made suits.

Double Breasted - It is also known as the Italian style suit and generally worn by tall men for stylish look.  The double-breasted is the one which has two front overlapping across the body. The creative double-breasted jacket has six buttons, with three to close.

Dinner Suits - is a formal evening suit and generally worn with formal shirts, shoes and other garnishes. This suit has appeared as choice to the dress coat today. Also a dinner suit can be worn for a black tie dress code.

Business Suits - It is also known as the Lounge suits. The second most favored suit in the world is the men’s business suit. This suit is mostly preferential by businessmen. Though going for business behaviors like a conference or a meeting, this type of suit is very much special.

Wedding Suits - Tailor made wedding suits are greatly in demand in past few years and commonly worn in ceremonial occasions like wedding parties etc. They vary in cuts and silhouettes. The trend of custom wedding suit is currently of single to two buttons with slim fit.

Mandarin Suits -It is also known as band collar suit. This type of suit is generally worn with full button on. Cut very narrowly to the body, gives a very slant and spiky look. These are really stylish for an evening out.